Hospital Information System (HIS)

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) / Hospital Information System (HIS)

Tohoku University Hospital (TUH) started the operation of an EMR system in April 2014 after carrying out its trials at each clinical department and formulating rules on its usage. Many staff members in the TUH gave cooperation for the implementation of the EMR. After the implementation of the EMR, the system was updated in 2020. Medical IT Center has been making efforts to improve the system more user-friendly. We plan the next update to be synchronized with the hospital accounting system.

Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) System for ICU

We have developed our own CPOE system for the ICU of Tohoku University Hospital. One of the advantage of this system is that physicians can enter orders on the CPOE system, referring to the page of "timeline of treatment." When nurses follow the physicians’ orders, the process is reflected on the timeline page. This mechanism contributes to a smoother flow of orders.

<Continuous Intravenous Infusion>
On the "continuous intravenous infusion" page, physicians can make a dosage adjustment by right clicking, and the adjustment is recorded on a timeline. (Figure 1)

On the "injection" page, the number of injections ordered by physicians is displayed as arrows on a timeline. As time passes, the number of injections are automatically adjusted. (Figure 2)

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